How Heninger Dental Helps Detect Oral Cancer

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Leading-Edge Trimira Identafi Technology Provides Early Detection

What disease is more deadly than cervical, prostate, and breast cancer? It’s oral cancer, and it’s fatal for over 25% of people diagnosed with it. The biggest problem with oral cancer is that many patients aren’t diagnosed until late in the game. Oral cancer is becoming more and more common, not just among people with high-risk factors like smoking, drinking, and advanced age. In fact, 25% of people diagnosed with oral cancer don’t have any risk factors. We want to stop that from happening with the help of Trimira Identafi.

How Heninger Dental Helps: Early Detection with Trimira Identafi Technology Saves Lives

The key to treating oral cancer is early detection, which is why we use the Trimira Identafi system. A few years ago, the only way to detect oral cancer was by spotting visual signs (lesions, discolored tissue, etc.) with the naked eye.

We’ve always checked your mouth for signs of oral cancer when you come to our practice. But this new technology can actually identify biochemical and morphological changes in your cells, which means we can detect early signs of oral cancer long before the visible signals appear.

The American Dental Association and The American Oral Cancer Foundation both urge everyone to get screened for oral cancer. We want to keep you safe and healthy, so be sure to ask us about getting screened at your next appointment.

Please give us a call at (801) 600 6907 or send us an email with any questions about early oral cancer detection.