Treating Facial Injuries at Heninger Dental

Heninger Dental: Dr Cam Heninger in Orem facial injury

Common Facial Injuries

Whether the result of a sports accident, an assault, a fall, or a car crash, facial injuries often require surgery and dental work to repair. Some of the more common types of facial injuries are knocked out teeth, fractured jaw, fractured cheek bones or eye socket, broken nose, facial lacerations, or lacerations of the mouth. The type of injury will determine the type of medical professionals who will need to treat them.

The Road to Recovery

When someone suffers an injury to the teeth, jaw, or soft tissues of the mouth, treatment often includes dental work. In serious enough cases, oral surgery and orthodontic treatment may also be necessary. When the injury includes a knocked out tooth, the next hour is critical, because the tooth can sometimes be saved. If possible, put the tooth back in place. If not, store it in milk, but do not attempt to clean it or handle it by the root, and get to Heninger Dental as quickly as you can.

The Role of Dr. Heninger

Dr. Heninger has experience in treating facial injuries and offers emergency dental services for such cases. If an injury has damaged your teeth, jaws, or soft tissue, come to Heninger Dental, where he can perform the necessary emergency dental work and make a plan for any additional treatment that may be needed to fully recover. If you have any questions about what to do in the event of a facial injury, call us at (801) 600 6907 or email us.