Pulp Regeneration: The Ultimate Goal of Regenerative Endodontics

Heninger Dental: Dr Cam Heninger in Orem Pulp Regeneration

What Is Pulp Regeneration?

In the past, once the pulp of a tooth became diseased, there were few options other than root canal treatment, which leaves the tooth in place but with no living tissue inside. Pulp regeneration seeks to help the dental pulp heal and regenerate from an infection, restoring the tooth to a healthy condition.

How Does Pulp Regeneration Treatment Work?

In pulp regeneration treatment, Dr. Heninger uses tooth regeneration scaffolding (which may be made of collagen, fibrin, or man-made polymers, as well as stem cells derived from the patient’s pulp or bone marrow) to encourage the damaged tooth to repair itself. The controlled delivery of antibiotics eliminates the infection and growth factors stimulate pulp regeneration. In a successful procedure, a root canal will no longer be necessary.

Where to Get Pulp Regeneration in Orem, Utah

Time is of the essence in all types of dental treatment. If you have a problem tooth and you want to give it its best chance to recover, give Heninger Dental a call at (801) 600 6907 or send us an email to schedule an appointment so that Dr. Heninger can determine whether you are a good candidate for pulp regeneration.